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31,24 EUR*
Details What does Good Education Research Look Like?: Situating a Field and Its Practices (Conducting Educational Research)

What Does Good Education Research Look Like? Addresses questions such as: What 'does' good education research look like? What sort of a field is education, and what sort of a 'thing' is educational research? Full description

168,99 EUR*
Details Instructional Technology Research, Design and Development: Lessons from the Field

Instructional Technology Research, Design and Development: Lessons from the Field

193,99 EUR*
Details Inorganic Biochemistry: Research Progress

Inorganic biochemistry is an emerging subject and interdisciplinary field between inorganic chemistry and biochemistry. This book provides leading research from around the globe in this field.

153,97 EUR*
Details Biosemiotic Research Trends

Biosemiotic Research Trends Biosemiotics (bios = life and semion = sign) is an interdisciplinary science that studies communication and signification in living systems. This book presents research in this field. Full description

130,65 EUR*
Details Focus on Computer Science Research

Focus on Computer Science Research The books in this series present leading-edge research in the field of computer research, technology and applications. Each contribution has been carefully selected for inclusion based on the significance of the ...

33,99 EUR*
Details A Guide to Practitioner Research in Education

A Guide to Practitioner Research in Education This book is a guide to research methods for practitioner research. Written in friendly and accessible language, it includes numerous practical examples based on the authors' own experiences in the field ...

56,49 EUR*
Details Java in Academia and Research

Java in Academia and Research Java is a programming language originally developed by Sun Microsystems in 1995. Nowadays, Java is widely used in various fields. This book is to introduce how Java is being used in academia and research.... Full description

117,99 EUR*
Details Cultural Studs V 3: A Research Annual (Cultural Studies: A Research Annual)

Cultural Studies: v. 3 This is the third volume of an interdisciplinary publication, drawing on contemporary scholarship in such fields as speech communication, education, anthropology, sociology, history and English. Full description

48,99 EUR*
Details Ethnography Essentials: Designing, Conducting, and Presenting Your Research (Research Methods for the Social Sciences)

This volume offers a comprehensive, stand-alone guide to ethnographic research. It introduces students to the excitement and challenges of the field and guides them step-by-step through a single research project. The author emphasizes ethnographic ...

134,99 EUR*
Details Advances in Sociology Research

Presents original research results in the field of sociology. This title includes such topics as police practices and their impact on society; routine mobility and urban inequality; motives behind volunteerism; human sexuality education among medical ...

172,99 EUR*
Details Computer Science Research & the Internet (Computer Science, Technology and Applications)

This book presents leading-edge research from across the globe in the field of computer science research, technology, the internet and applications. Each contribution has been carefully selected for inclusion based on the significance of the research ...

42,15 EUR*
Details Understanding Social Research: Thinking Creatively About Method

Jennifer Mason and Angela Dale's book seeks to set out cutting-edge developments in the field of social research and to encourage students and researchers to consider ways of learning from different approaches and perspectives in such a way as to make ...

71,99 EUR*
Details Advances in Condensed Matter & Materials Research (Advances in Condensed Matter and Materials Research)

Condensed matter physics is the field of physics that deals with the macroscopic and microscopic physical properties of matter. This book discusses topics such as: the development, properties, application and machinability of superalloy Inconel ...

37,69 EUR*
Details Early Childhood Educational Research: Issues in Methodology and Ethics: Debates and Issues in Methodology and Ethics

Early Childhood Educational Research This work focuses on the field of early years research. It argues that the educational research community has blossomed in the UK in recent years, with the growth of higher degrees and practitioner research within ...

223,63 EUR*
Details Neural Information Processing: Research and Development (Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing)

Neural Information Processing: Research and Development This monograph presents a careful collection of recent research and developments in the field of neural information processing. This includes investigations in the functioning and engineering of ...

156,99 EUR*
Details Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biotechnology & Renewable Resources: Research & Development (Biochemistry Research Trends: Biotechnology in Agriculture, Industry and Medicine)

This book includes the latest information in the field of organic chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology, material science (synthesis, properties, applications) and renewable resources. This book discusses the modification of chitosan films as a way ...

117,69 EUR*
Details Cellular Automata: Research Towards Industry: ACRI'98 - Proceedings of the Third Conference on Cellular Automata for Research and Industry, Trieste, 7-9 October 1998

Cellular Automata: Research Towards Industry This volume contains the papers presented at a conference on cellular automata. Cellular automata are used in several fields, including the simulation of different kinds of dynamical systems, machine vision ...

111,00 EUR*
Details The Stokes Field Guide to the Birds of North America (Stokes Field Guides)

The culmination of many years of research, observation, and study, the new STOKES FIELD GUIDE includes more species, more photographs, and more useful identification information than any other photographic field guide. The guide features 853 North...

26,00 EUR*
Details Vintage photo of Portrait of E. J. Field.

""Size 4.7"" x 6.6"" E. J. Field was a British neuroscientist. Field was a prolific researcher and author, having published almost 300 academic papers, including 14 in Nature, 54 in The Lancet and 40 in the BMJ. He was born on 20 March 1915 and died on...

177,86 EUR*
Details Intelligent Systems in Oil Field Development under Uncertainty (Studies in Computational Intelligence)

Intelligent Systems in Oil Field Development Under Uncertainty The decision to invest in oil field development is an extremely complex problem. This book is a result of about four years of research in this area. It presents applications of intelligent ...

139,09 EUR*
Details Managing Development and Application of Digital Technologies: Research Insights in the Munich Center for Digital Technology & Management (CDTM)

Managing Development and Application of Digital Technologies The aim of this volume is to highlight a selection of important current research topics in the field of digital technology and management, illustrating the variety of aspects which have to ...

35,18 EUR*
Details Teachers as Learners: Critical Discourse on Challenges and Opportunities (Comparative Education Research Centre, Hku)

Teachers as Learners Focuses on 'teachers as learners' and includes chapters by leaders in the field of teacher education and professional development. This work explores innovative approaches to the preparation and professional development of ...

38,90 EUR*
Details Blackwell Handbook of Strategic (Blackwell Handbooks in Management)

In this major reference work, top scholars in the field of strategic management present major ideas and theories in the field drawing on their own research and special expertise. It offers complete coverage of the field of strategic management. It ...

162,45 EUR*
Details Multichannel Optical Networks (Network Theory and Applications)

Multichannel Optical Networks Presents research in the field of optical networking. This book focuses on graph-theoretical and algorithmic aspects of optical networks. It is intended for research workers and professionals from mathematics, computer ...

137,91 EUR*
Details Secrecy and Tradecraft in Educational Administration: The Covert Side of Educational Life (Routledge Research in Education)

During the last couple of decades, there has been an expansion in a number of related and overlapping fields producing evidence of covert activities: toxic cultures, destructive leadership styles, micropolitics, ethical problems in organisations and ...

82,82 EUR*
Details Python for Bioinformatics (Series in Biomedical Informatics)

Bioinformatics is a growing field that attracts researchers from many different backgrounds who are unfamiliar with the algorithms commonly used in the field. Python for Bioinformatics provides a clear introduction to the Python programming language ...

197,12 EUR*
Details Dynamical Systems: Proceedings of the 3rd International School of Dynamic Systems, Universidad De Santiago De Chile, 1990 (Pitman Research Notes in Mathematics)

Dynamical Systems The topics of the papers are central to dynamics, and include bifurcation theory, ergodic theory, real and complex foliations, fractal dimensions, polynomial vector fields, symbolic dynamics hyperbolicity, quasi-periodic systems ...

186,95 EUR*
Details Advanced Multibody System Dynamics: Simulation and Software Tools (Solid Mechanics and Its Applications)

Advanced Multibody System Dynamics Presents a collection of contributions describing the developments in the field of multibody system dynamics. This volume includes the results of a nationwide five year research project by the German Research Council ...

242,55 EUR*
Details Scanning Auger Electron Microscopy

Scanning Auger Electron Microscopy This eagerly-awaited volume has been edited by two academic researchers with extensive and reputable experience in this field. Full description

176,54 EUR*
Details Beyond Two: Theory and Applications of Multiple-Valued Logic (Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing)

Beyond Two This volume represents the state of the art for much current research in many-valued logics. Primary researchers in the field are among the authors. Major methodological issues of many-valued logics are treated, as well as applications of ...